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Maximizing Your Dealership’s Value Before/During a Sale

Selling your dealership can be a life changing decision. Maintain Operations: Operate as if you were staying forever. You run the store; McNulty will sell the store. By focusing on these areas, you will enhance the value of your dealership and make it a smoother transition for you.

Navigating Family Dynamics in Dealership Sale

Selling a family dealership involves more than just business decisions; it’s a journey. Navigating the sale is challenging. Here’s how some families effectively managed this process. Open Communication is Key: Communication is the foundation of a successful transition. It’s essential to have open and honest discussions about expectations, roles. Encourage family members to express their views…

The Art of Living: Life After Selling

Being a dealer is an Amazing Experience … BUT it Ain’t What It Used to BE? Factory relations … EV Investments … Consolidations … Publics … Groups Selling your auto dealership marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with freedom and new opportunities. For many  owners, selling isn’t just a change in activities but…

My Million Dollar Mistake

A MILLION DOLLAR MISTAKE Some years ago, after a good run as a dealer, I was offered a premium price for my import store. Hadn’t really thought about selling … but the offer got my interest. Because I hesitated a little, the buyer offered me an even better price. After discussing it with my family…