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Our Process

Let’s take a closer look at how the process works so you know what to expect as we move forward.


Understanding your desired goal from a sale guides our discussion. In answering your questions and presenting options, you will determine if the McNulty team is a good fit for your transaction.

A 30-minute confidential phone visit will help in your decision.

Valuation – More Than Multiplies

  • Recasting of your factory financial statements
  • Developing thorough market analysis of Area Of Responsibility
  • Building realistic non-productive add back summary
  • Discover hidden assets (ex UIO)
  • Review your current multiplies, selling points, possible objections and conditions buyers may raise
  • Break down pricing with you to maximize your potential selling price
  • Usually includes confidential site visit

Win-Win Buy Sell Negotiated

  • Presentation of McNulty’s proprietary dealership package selected for the buyer’s specific interest from available facts
  • Qualified buyers are reviewed with dealer for acceptance and determining time for dealership visit.
  • Prepare and present written Buy-Sell offer detailing what you are getting and what Buyer is getting. Our experience in structuring your transaction often leads to you ending with more dollars in your pocket.
  • Once this informal Buy-Sell is finalized and Escrow deposit is made, a Formal Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and if applicable Real Estate Purchase Agreement (REPA) or Lease Agreement is prepared by the representing attorneys from this agreement.

Factory Approval

  • All franchise transfers require factory approval
  • McNulty’s qualifying process ensures buyers pass the three Factory Approval kick out factors:
    1. Working Capital Standard in unencumbered cash
    2. Management Experience (New Car)
    3. Convicted Felon


  • Preparation is key to a smooth closing
  • Identifying the closing representatives early for each side
  • Attending the closing to facilitate the deal keeps moving to the close
  • Follow-up after closing

Client satisfaction, our reputation

Although you can absolutely count on our word, have a look at what auto dealers have to say after completing a sale with us.


McNulty understands the car business and knows the value of a successful car dealership. McNulty was able to get more money for our dealership than we even dreamed. They found value in aspects (Hidden Assets) of our business that we hadn’t considered when we decided to sell.
My only regret is not calling McNulty sooner.

– Mac Bickerstaff

My dealership was everything to me. I worked my whole life to build it and selling it was a difficult process to go through, even though I knew it was the right time. Pat was such a big help, not just as a valuable advisor but as someone I now consider a friend. McNulty knew what to expect and was always prepared, and because it was such a smooth transaction it made it much easier. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

– John Roberts

I have worked with a lot of advisors over the years – accountants, attorneys, consultants. Pat is a very good listener, which seems rare in today’s world, and someone you can trust. He really took time to understand the situation with my family and our dealerships. Working with McNulty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

– Dick Pope